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Facultad de Física

Accelerating Diffusion Spectrum Imaging by Combining Tensor Modeling Compressed Sensing

Gabriel Varela, Ingeniería UC

Miércoles 7 de junio, 15:30, auditorio N. Bralic

Resumen: Diffusion Spectrum Imaging (DSI) is a technique of diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging that allows probing microstructures through the analysis of water movement inside the body. The time to obtain those images is so time expensive that the technique is not used for clinical applications. To accelerate its acquisition, it has been used under sampling techniques like tensor modeling or Compressed Sensing. However, what regards to the state of the art both techniques have never been combined. This doctoral thesis tackles this issue by exploring the feasibility of combining these techniques to obtain higher acceleration in the acquisition process and higher quality in the image reconstruction.