Magister en Física Médica

Facultad de Física

Diffusion-weighted MRI: what is it?, how to work with it? and what should expect for it? in an in-vivo point of view.


Francisco Lagos, Cognitive Neuroscience Department, FPN; Maastricht University, NL.


Auditorio JK, 15:30


Abstract: Diffusion-weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging (dMRI) has been used as a technique in which can characterise the animal and human body in a structural point of view by the degree of diffusivity of the water molecules (which is characterised by the "b-value" parameter). Its extension not only involves in-vivo healthy studies, but also in-vivo disease, ex-vivo and in-vitro research. However, dMRI possesses several challenges and drawbacks which can affect severely the analysis, estimation and posterior interpretation of the results. In this talk, an overview of dMRI is going to be presented, from a MR sequence perspective, acquisition schemes, pre- and post-processing until the description of the two mainly areas of research using this technique: tumour vasculature using a low b-value regime and brain connectivity using a high b-value regime.