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Fragmentation of Carbon and Helium Ion Beams : A novel investigation method using the Timepix detectors

Giulia Arico, PhD(c), DKFZ and University of Heidelberg

Radiotherapy is together with surgery the most employed and efficient technique currently used to treat cancer patients.
The depth-dose profile of protons, characterized by the so called Bragg peak, enables to better spare the healthy tissues than conventional radiotherapy.
A higher relative biological effectiveness in the Bragg peak and a narrower penumbra are further advantages of carbon and helium ions over protons. 
However, heavy ions may undergo fragmentation within the patient, and the resulting lighter fragments affect the radiotherapy outcomes. 
Precise calculations of the dose delivered by the primary ions and by the secondary fragments are currently a challenging issue.
A deeper knowledge on the ion fragmentation processes would improve efficacy and quality of the radiotherapy treatments.

August 31st, 15:30, Auditorio JK, Instituto de Física