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Computer simulation of the radiation response of a hypoxic prostate tumor in the rat using a multi-scale tumor response model


Hypoxic tumors are known to be highly resistant against radiation. To integrate information on tumor oxygenation into treatment planning, the radiation response of hypoxic tumors has to be predicted. In a previous work, a multi-scale Tumor Response Model (TRM) was devel­oped, which simulates the radiation response of the tumor including the most important radio­biological processes: (i) proliferation of tumor cells, (ii) hypoxia-induced angiogenesis, (iii) tumor growth, (iv) oxygen-dependent radiation response, (v) resorption of dead cells, and (vi) tumor shrinkage. The task of my thesis was to validate the model in experimental prostate tu­mors for which the radiation response is known for single and multiple irradiations.

As the simulation model has several parameters, a systematic approach was defined to determine the correct input parameters. A modification of the oxygenation model was made and results are very promising. Additionally, data import via a graphical user interface was successfully performed for the first time.

25 de marzo de 2015


Auditorio Prof. J. Krause